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White Corn Maize

Date Posted: 2024-07-03

Expired On : 01-10-2024

Posted In:  United States

Dear Sir, We want to buy White Corn Maize. 100 MT per month x 12 months CFI UK Target price 200.00 USD. Specification of White Corn (Maize) GMO for Human consumption: Origin: Thailand Moisture : 13 % Max. Protein : 9.0 % Min Purity : 98.5 % Min Broken : 2 % Max Damage : 4 % Max. Covered Grain : 2 % Max. Ash : 1.57 % Max. Fat : 5 % Max. Aflatoxin : 20 Ppb Max. Contaminants Residue : Please contact us asap. Thank you.

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