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Date Posted: 2024-03-11

Expired On : 09-06-2024

Posted In:  India

Dear Sir, We are currently looking to buy the Aluminium Ingots (A7) for a few of our clients in Europe, Middle East and Africa. We wish to initially start with a trial shipment of 500Mts from your warehouse / Factory, to one of our long term clients in Western Europe. If you are based in Europe it will be ideal if your material can be dispatched on 25 Mt Trucks to the , warehouse of your transporter in Trieste in Italy . If you are in other locations shipment can be effected to Trieste Port. We shall effect full payment to you by Mt 103 , after checking the material at your transporters warehouse. This will be, in accordance with the Certificate of Analysis, as agreed between us , for the Full Sale Purchase agreement, to be signed between us, for one to three years. The quantities offered by you will be the basis for placing our orders with you, for different destinations. We were earlier issuing the DLC , and SBLCs to our suppliers. However we found that most of the suppliers, wanted Payment by Mt 103 , after the inspection by SGS for quality and quantity at the Port of Discharge / Transporters warehouse with in Italy and Europe, as many of them do not enjoy adequate Banking Facilities So the shipment by Trucks / Vessel, will be done to us on CAD basis , with full insurance, payable by us . The copies of your commercial Invoice, Road Transport Bill / BL , Packing list, Certificate of analysis and origin will need to be mailed to us . The original documents will remain with you, to be handed over to, our representatives in Trieste, after receipt of the Full payment and inspection after the SGS Inspection. We will need to have your price and a draft sale purchase agreement as soon as possible , to Commence with the transaction . 6. Our immediate requirement is for The shipment to take, place before 10 th March Upon receiving payment into your bank account , after inspection at the Transport Company?s warehouse by SGS . We will effect payment by Mt 103 , the same day after SGS inspection. Should you have any problem on that we can find a solution. We normally take 2 % PB, if we are issuing SBLC or LC. But this is time consuming and many of the traders, manufacturers and Exporters are unable to give it us on time . We shall start effecting payments to you by Swift Instruments SBLC / LC as desired by you from the next lot which will be 40 Trucks per month . A schedule of shipments per month can be worked out by us depending upon your capacity to ship or dispatch by road transport . We have massive requirements of Aluminium Scraps and Ingots for all countries including India. We shall have our representatives to come and meet you, after the first shipment. Look forward to hearing from you. Best Regards.

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