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Fresh Chicken Eggs

Date Posted: 2023-03-01

Expired On : 30-05-2023

Posted In:  Panama

Dear Sir, We are looking for the following products: 1. Fresh Chicken Eggs (White Or Brown) Medium size (49-62 gr) Number of eggs per tray 30 Number of trays in the box 12 Number of eggs in the carton 360 Number of cartons in a 40-ft refree 1312 cartons Total number of eggs 40 ft container 472360 Shelf Life 6 Months 2. Sunflower Oils, Soja Oils, Vegetable Oils 100% Refined Bottle 1 L 12 Bottles in one carton box 26700 Bottles in 40 ft container Shelf Life: 12-24 months 3. Wheat Flour Sacks 45-50 KG Protein 12 to14% Gluten (Wet Basis) 22 to 26% Shelf Life 12 to 24 Months. 5. White Sugar Sacks 45-50 KG Ash content 0.04% Maximum by Weight Moisture 0.04% Maximum by Weight Shelf Life 12 to 24 Months Awaiting your soonest reply. Thank you.

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